12 of 12: may 2011

01. Lots of fog in the morning
02. Reading on the bus
03. Refilling the fancy-shmancy coffee maker at work
04. Feeling happy with some Ingrid Michaelson
05. Sending mail
06. My color combo—I like it
07. Staff meeting minutes
08. Choosing water instead of Coca-Cola to accompany lunch
09. Sunglasses because the sun decided to come out
10. Crucial dinner ingredients
11. Leftovers from dinner
12. Handweights that I decidedly did not use, even though I probably should have

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Note to self: Next time, try to get more color in my pictures. Some of those pictures are gloomily too gray. Yes, I just said gloomily.


emilymcb said...

I want to do this! I just always forget when the 12th comes around :)

Shilah said...

Your outfit's perfect color combination is the first thing I noticed, and I had to tell you how much I loved it no matter what. And also that I'm stealing your cardigan someday. Now you know =]

Claire said...

I love the color of your weights!
I also love the color of your outfit.

{natalie} said...

that fog is crazy.

i love that you get to read while riding the bus. i wish i had someone to drive me to work so i could read on the commute.

your yellow cardigan is really cute.

Lee said...

Good for you, choosing the water! Looks like you enjoyed a great day :)

amy gretchen said...

i love yellow and blue together.

the fog looks really cool. it's nice that you can use your commute time reading.

jt said...

Yes, how nice to have daily time blocked out for reading, guilt-free.
obviously, love the color combo. Especially the cardigan. I would attempt to steal it if there were any way possible it would fit. Ha.

Jill said...

Having the time to read would make bus-time desirable.

Miranda said...

I love that color combo too!

I did not own sunglasses the entire time we lived in Washington and I NEVER missed them. I bought a pair like, an HOUR after moving to Colorado!

kylee said...

i envy you and your ability to read in moving automobiles. makes me so sick. yaaaay for the sun cinally showing up!

michelle said...

I took the bus to work in Seattle and I loved knowing that I had some guaranteed daytime reading time!

Ingrid Michaelson pretty much always makes me feel happy.

emily said...

I love your color combo!!!

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