I opened a Twitter account

And here's why.

The extra giveaway entries. I couldn't care less about every other Twitter aspect. An extension of Facebook statuses? Pass, and that's what I've been saying for years. But when I come across these blog giveaways for gift certificates, personalized jewelry, catchy wall art, and—yes, I know—Silhouettes, I think, Hey, I'd love to win that. So when these giveaway sponsors say you can have an extra entry for following someone on Twitter or by tweeting (I really hate that term) about a giveaway, now I can enter two more times.

It's all about increasing my chances of winning, people.

And I don't plan on giving out my Twitter information, because frankly, I don't think any of us care about that.

I just want one extra shot at winning that Silhouette.


paws said...

If you say so... ;)

That Silhouette things looks pretty nifty.

michelle said...

Can't say I haven't been tempted, for the very same reason. I want a Silhouette, too!

Jill said...

I don't even know how it works, and I don't intend to find out. I don't have a Facebook account either...I refuse.

Denise said...

I somehow knew you hated the word "tweet" as a verb--in all of its tenses. I hate it, too.

Still not quite as bad as "snuck," though.

hannah said...

I would just like to acknowledge your use of "couldn't care less." clap, clap, clap. :)

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