my day in gerunds

Today I have been

:: Pinning (a firewall fluke? I'll take it)
:: wearing patent leather heels
:: sashaying in a flippy skirt
:: sporting a neutral monochromatic look
:: relishing the sun and warmth
:: taking notes
:: planning meals in my head
:: updating the shopping list
:: counting the minutes until closing time
:: thinking it was Friday—sore disappointment
:: eating Italian leftovers
:: texting a good friend
:: reading this week's Primary lesson
:: wanting to bake something delicious
:: listening to happy music
:: G-chatting
:: itching to sew
:: tracking an Amazon shipment


Jill said...

I know the pain of the false Friday feeling, ouch!

I didn't do any sashaying today.

jt said...

Let's bake something delicious together. What shall it be?

A Mitton said...

I love gerunds. So much.

Shilah said...

Can I just say, I CAN NOT figure out pinning. I have a pinterest app on my phone and I never use it for my own gain. What I spend all my time doing is looking at your pins. Every day. I have a news feed on my phone linked up to all your pins. And they are INSPIRING. =]

michelle said...

Those are some good gerunds! And if you and Jessie do some long-distance baking, I want in on it as well.

Susan said...

So entertaining!

LOng distance baking...never thought of such a thing. I think I would prefer to have a helper/friend right in the kitchen!

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