memorial days

I kind of crashed into my weekend. Friday was a frustrating day full of tedious, time-intensive projects and really bad holiday traffic. The only awesome part of that day was that Josh came up to Portland to meet me for lunch because he had the day off. When I got home Friday night I promptly put on stretchy pants, mixed up chocolate cookie dough, and ate the dough by the spoonful as I watched several episodes of Gilmore Girls.

The rest of my weekend was completely delightful. It was full of things like movies at the theater, exotic food, and finding the perfect orange bicycle.

It was full of things like lemon crinkle cookies with our eight- and nine-year-old Primary kids and crepes with the in-laws and Sunday-night visits with these wonderful people.

It was full of things like cinnamon rolls, reading on the couch, phone calls with the mom and sister, an Office marathon, Mod-Podging, leftover meatball sandwiches, pretty fabric, fun knitting, a wooden tank model, naps, Diet Pepsi, and extra doses of snuggling.

If I had to crash into a weekend, this weekend would certainly be the one.

Now, who seconds my motion for the perpetual long weekend?


A Mitton said...

Jealous jealous jealous.

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Nicholas. I hear such good things. There used to be a Brazilian/Lebanese restaurant downtown run by this tiny old couple, one of them was Brazilian and other Lebanese. It was adorable. But, sadly, it's closed now. Anyway, point, I've been wanting to go to Nicholas for years.

Jill said...

This sounds more fun than mine, but mine was still good.

Claire said...

I second that motion!

patsy said...

Seriously great weekend here!

I'm your aunt Michelle's blogging friend patsy- we met at Women's conference-


Marie Edgerton said...

It was the bestest! So excited to see the new bike....I'm thinking bike ride along the waterfront asap!

jt said...

I want your weekend!!!
And I want to see the orange bicycle. And I want your metabolism so I can eat all those things you did and still be tiny.

michelle said...

It sounds like the greatest weekend ever!! Picture of the orange bicycle, please.

I definitely second your motion.

Marla said...


Now I've got a serious cinnamon roll craving... those look like they were absolutely delicious.

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