I wore my Easter skirt today because I thought I needed a boost. I've had an interesting week emotionally. I've had waves of feeling overwhelmed and over-emotional* (which hasn't happened a long time) throughout the week, and this morning I had a couple things happen that threatened to push my emotional buttons (not having an umbrella, leaving too late to catch the bus, and not being sure where my iPod was). Remarkably fast, however, all of my concerns resolved themselves (my umbrella ended up being in the car, I barely made the bus, and my iPod was plugged into my work computer). I thought that by wearing my cute, polka-dot skirt, I was remedying a rough week.

In looking back on my week, however, I realized that really, my week wasn't bad at all. I made a point of doing the small things—prayer and scripture study—each day. Even though I may have had rough moments throughout the day, I was always reminded of the wonderful things in my life in the end. I was given an extra measure of love and motivation. So really, the polka-dot mentality adopted me this week, and I wore a happy skirt today not to improve my mood, but instead I wore it because life is so good.

While I've had moments this week of stressing about the wet laundry still in the washer or the stove burners that need a desperate scrubbing, I realized I've also been enjoying froyo, Ingrid Michaelson, free Chipotle lunch, the one day of 70-degree weather this week, Spring Wipeout, giant ric-rac, and, of course, my polka-dot Easter skirt.

*Josh: "I've learned that women typically have many, many emotions. Me? I have about five."


jt said...

What must it be like to have about 5 emotions? I can't even fathom, being of the over-emotional sort myself. Really, what a relief it would be to get out of my stinkin' head sometimes and just GO with it. Sheesh. Women.
That said, at least we're in good company, eh?
I'm glad you are able to get a good perspective. I have been struggling this week too, and trying to readjust my expectations and my perspective to realize how good life is. I have been thinking a lot about President Hinckley and how joyfully optimistic he was. He knew a lot more about this world and this life than I do (or ever will) and yet he was so positive. I figure if he was that enlightened about the state of the world and still found cause to rejoice, then so can I. I'll just trust him that it's worth being happy, and easier that way too.
Love you.

emily said...

Love Jessie's comment. And I love this post! I'm so grateful that we can always find things to be grateful for each day if we look. I'm glad that your week has been filled with small happinesses.

Susan said...

I love your perspective and both comments so far!

I too, have been trying to stay on track with the small and simple things we were challenged to do...and, I've been quite successful with my "Ben" project! No run-ins this whole week. I did have to excuse myself from a conversation in order to prevent exploding, but I did it nicely!

I've had a crazy busy week as well with a lot of overwhelm and for some reason a LOT of fatigue! What the?! Too many things to catch up on after being gone for a week, and while I am happy for the work, does it have to be such an overload? Your perspective has helped me to put it all in order and be more grateful than burdened. I like that feeling better.

And the polka dot skirt...perfect for your attitude and all others!

The small and simple commitment to prayers and scriptures has made all the difference. An now, another week ahead!

michelle said...

Great perspective. I find that I always, always feel less stressed and happier when I look for things to be grateful for.

And a cute polka-dot skirt doesn't hurt!

Josh's comment made me smile.

Denise said...

I just love that Josh. Perhaps it's good he has only five emotions, to make more room for all of yours!

I just love the Polka-dot mentality (so coined by Emily). I love knowing that "there will always be more blessings than burdens" (Jeffry Holland quote on a fridge magnet made by Jessie). And I love you. Obviously.

My skirt turned out cute, btw!

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