"You are my biggest fan"—name that movie

Thursday night of Women's Conference, Shadow Mountain record label put on a concert that featured some of my favorites: Vocal Point, Hilary Weeks, and my violin idol, Jenny Oaks Baker. I'll be honest, the concert wasn't the best thing ever; the "surprise" opening act was especially awful, plus the concert was a little over two hours long (way too long after a full day of classes). Hilary and Vocal Point were still great, and Jenny was my favorite.

The artists met the audience outside the auditorium after the show, and when I realized that we were standing right where they would be coming, I asked my mom and sister (who were super tired and ready to leave) if we could wait just five minutes to see if Jenny would come.

Emily caught a glimpse of her blue dress in the crowd and shouted, "Jenny Oaks Baker!!" I didn't have any CDs for her to sign, but I did get a picture.

I rue my bear-smile in this photo, but it was the only one I got, so I'm keeping it. I'll attribute the too-gummy smile to my dorky, unbridled excitement over meeting my favorite violinist.

Of course I said dorky fan things like "I've played some of your arrangements!!" and Mom exclaimed, "We have your albums!!" Jenny was sweet and accommodating, even though we had a hard time containing our enthusiasm.

So yeah, the concert was so worth it.


everything pink! said...

I loved spending time with you and getting to know you.
pretend i am making the I love you sign just like mr. osmond!

until next year!

emily said...

John can't stop laughing at how large he think Jenny's head looks. I'm laughing at his laughing. I think that both you and Jenny look beautiful!

michelle said...

Cute pic. I'm glad the concert was worth it! Personally, I was wishing I was home in loungewear.

Denise said...

I'm glad that we got the redeeming picture with Jenny to make up for the first half hour of Mr. O and his "SUP?!"

Claire said...

I'm pretty sure your post inspired me to make an effort to meet Mindy Gledhill! Thanks. :)

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