12 of 12: july 2011

01. A rainy drive to the bus stop
02. Starting Tina Fey's book
03. Restocking the paper towels at work (jealous?)
04. Complimentary cookies that came in the supply order (breakfast, anyone?)
05. My favorite necklace with my favorite verb
06. Pinning (obviously)
07. Getting creative with FedEx boxes
08. Reward from coworker for making FedEx labels for him
09. Jimmy John's, easy dinner
10. Early evening shower
11. Winding embroidery floss on to bobbins
12. Fully charged phone after it spent all day almost dead

I've loved seeing your grids!


Jill said...

Hooray for the 12th and two posts in one day!

April said...

I am now dying to know your favorite verb....am I suppose to have a favorite verb?....?

I would also like to wonder aloud, how you Wood women stay so stinkin' skinny when you eat things like cookies for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch and Jimmy Johns for dinner. That plus all the diet coke in between, is a mystery for the universe....I love you all for it, but I am totally lost :)

The Dayleys said...

I love the cookies for breakfast ;) and there isn't anything better than a fully charged phone. lol. Yea for the 12th!!

mama @ you are my (he)art said...

i thought #11 was two rows of tiny pregnancy tests. :)

thank you for the sweet comment you left me. i was anxious about posting on such sensitive subject matter and i was so glad to hear it blessed even one person and yall left such gracious comments.

kylee said...

i looove driving in the rain! and tina fey's book is on my overly long list of must reads, someday i'll get to it. jimmy john's is bomb. i used to hate it [why? i wish i knew] because now i love it! some of the best sandwhiches out there!

A Mitton said...

I like your verb. Quite appropriate.

Did I ever mention to you the etsy shop that creates necklaces out of metal type? Yes indeed, I desperately want a semi colon. You, I assume, would go for the ampersand. Link for you:


Kimberlee said...

Very good verb indeed.

Confession: I don't think I've ever eaten at Jimmy Johns. I should remedy that, shouldn't I.

Shilah said...

I've been wanting to read Tina Fey's book! Also, I wish i knew how link ups work. You're such a fancy blogger =]

michelle said...

I am very curious about Jimmy John's. I don't love winding embroidery floss, but I do love seeing all of those bobbins in a row!

{natalie} said...

i loved bossypants but wish i had bought the audio version b/c i have heard it's better w/her reading. how's that for a run on sentence!

what are you embroidering?

jt said...

I second the two comments: how do you Wood(en) girls stay so skinny? And that they looked like dozens of little pregnancy tests. I thought, she really wants to be sure about something...

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