on my mind

:: What to make for dinner?
:: I love the mini Moleskine notebooks I bought at Target to replace my almost-used-up list notebook. They're lime green.
:: I don't have Photoshop on my work computer, and so the 12of12 grid won't come up until tonight.
:: Tina Fey's autobiography is, so far, delightful. {Commas or no commas? What's your opinion?}
:: I'm so close to finishing wedding thank-yous. Like, really. I promise I haven't forgotten you. Didn't Emily Post say something about having a year grace period for wedding thank-yous? So, really, I'm right on track, right?
:: Really, though, what should I make for dinner?

:: These are looking really good to me. Are you on board? I know I am. For dinner? Okay, maybe just for dessert.


Jill said...

Thinking about and making dinner are the bane of my existence!

I love little notebooks!

I'm Photoshopless right now too so Michelle is making my grid for me.

We took the full year for our wedding thank yous.

I've got leftover cheesecake and a pie from Michelle for dessert...though I had pie for lunch too.

A Mitton said...

You're right on Emily Post.

And I'm liking the commas.

A Mitton said...

I love that you let me know, you have no idea how much. Haha, it totally made my night.

Shilah said...

I'm banking on that one year grace period! I have one more month to finish those thank you cards! And not one day sooner.

Craig was on the computer this morning and i asked if he was reading my blog [he hasn't been quite caught up with it for a while]. He said "no, i'm reading Charlotte's blog." How cute? =]

michelle said...

I'm for commas. And I have been planning to make that dessert as well.

jt said...

COMMAS!!!! Always commas.
Now 'comma' looks really weird. But still, commas.
I am making those Mississippi Mud Cake Brownies this afternoon! I'll let ya know.

*snort* Commas, what a silly question!

Hellobridgett said...

I've been wanting to read Tina Fey's book. I'm actually number 71 on the wait list at the library, so it could be a while. Hope you like it.

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