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It had been so long since I'd been home—since Christmas, people—and this time, I just needed to be at home and not worry about capturing it. Thanks to Emily and her camera-clicking (she's been using Grandpa's Canon), though, our vacation was documented. I just don't have the photos yet. And heads-up, I don't see this post as having much direction.

First things first, Donut Night was fabulous.

Now for some highlights: We had chuck roast for Sunday dinner, and it was fabulous. We gorged ourselves on peanut-butter-ganache cake (don't worry—I was not in charge of the ganache), and, in fact, I think I'm still full.

On the Fourth, we headed up to the mountains for our traditional cookout breakfast. We made real French toast with real French bread, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausage and ate outside with the trees and river and mountains. The not-so-good of this excursion, though, was significant. Our drive home—which should take 40 minutes—was four hours long, because of an overturned semi. Four hours. I probably cried enough tears for each minute I lost to the traffic.

Because of our stolen afternoon, we opted out of fireworks and stayed home eating pizza, leftover cake, and drinking Diet Pepsi while we played more games of Bang!.

I don't have much to say about coming home to Oregon, except that I wasn't ready to. That, and cleaning before a vacation is the best idea ever. Even Josh was excited to come home to a clean and tidy apartment.


Jill said...

Cleaning before leaving for a trip is definitely the best thing ever and a great gift to your returning self.

Your trip sounds fun but too short. I'm glad Emily documented it though.

A Mitton said...

I clean before I leave too. If my bed isn't made when I get back no way will I unpack for at least a week.

Sad day, semi crash. I'd've cried too.

I might regret that double conjunction later.

Susan@besusan.com said...

A nice little report!

That cake sounds too good, I need the recipe.

At least you were with fun people for the 4-hour delay! How did Grandpa fare?

Coming home to a clean apartment-priceless!

Kristi said...

I love coming home to a clean house. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for cleaning....but I feel so much better when I leave. You never know who might have to enter your home while your away!!!! just say'n... ; )

I really understand how you feel about going back to Oregon. I always feel the same way when I have to go back to Chicago. It is never enough time at home.

Shilah said...

I'm SO glad you came back to a clean home! Best feeling ever. This is strange of me but for days before you came back i was hoping you had time to tidy before you left so you could come back to a clean apartment. I'm a weird friend. But i care about you ;]

michelle said...

Going home is the best. I always enjoy coming back to a clean house, but I rarely find the time to clean when I'm getting ready for a trip!

I wish I could have been there for the mountain breakfast. But not so much the four hour delay...

jt said...

Again, I second the notion of cleaning before a trip. A definite necessity. Sorry about the traffic!

Denise said...

Seriously, people will think all we did while you were here was eat!

Oh yeah, that's pretty much what we did.

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