loving on technology

My mom is just too far away (and my dad and my brother and my sisters). 1,280 miles away, actually.

That's why I love situations like this:

11:22 a.m.—Send Mom an email
11:23 a.m.—Receive text from Mom
11:24 a.m.—Respond to text message
11:25 a.m.—Mom texts back
11:26 a.m.—I text back
11:27 a.m.—Mom texts back
                     Receive email from Mom
11:28 a.m.—Another text from me
11:29 a.m.—From me: "I love it that we're simultaneously texting and emailing. The best."

I'm glad that technology can make the miles not seem so long.


A Mitton said...

We have the same phone.

Just thought I'd mention that.

Jill said...

That's pretty sweet!

Denise said...

I love it that you thought to take a photo of the texting while emailing.

Diana said...

i love this post. I too with my family far away am so grateful for technology.

paws said...

This is one of the best aspects of technology as far as I'm concerned. Knowing that my sister (Serin) will always text me right back is sometimes all that keeps me sane.

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