seven cake pans

My senior year of college I bought some cake pans from the BYU craft store. They were kind of really dumb, but for a college student, they did the trick. Then later I used wedding money to buy nicer cake pans, and those were okay. When I was in Colorado, Mom pulled out Grandma's old cake pans, and I fell in love. They were heavy and used and stalwart (can cake pans be stalwart? I say yes). So I resolved to find some really nice cake pans like that.

Last weekend I pocketed some wedding gift cards to Crate & Barrel that I'd held off on spending and went out to buy three really nice cake pans—cake pans that look like my grandma's, just less used. (Mom said that I'll never regret having three nice cake pans. Ever.) Never mind that I already had four; these new ones are really nice. Like, lasting-through-my-lifetime nice. Like, I-don't-plan-on-ever-using-my-other-cake-pans-ever-again nice.

(I also bought a bright persimmon soap dispenser and a wedge server.)

After I got home I used these cake pans to make Edith James cake, which I'm thinking of renaming CJP cake (CJP = Charlotte Jane Petersen = my grandma = ultimate cake baker). And, hold your breath: it actually turned out. My Boston Cream Pie failure was avenged! I had to reach out to Miranda at one point when the frosting was freaking out, but we fixed it. {Sigh of immeasurable relief}

We'd eaten most of it by the time I took this picture. Obviously. It's not a pretty picture. But really, it wasn't a super pretty cake. The most important part was that it was a tasty cake.

So even though Josh gave me a weird look when I came home with three more cake pans, I know it's totally worth it. Just trust me.

PS—Every time I look in the mirror I'm surprised at my newly shortened hair.

Even though I'm not used to it yet, I love it.


michelle said...

Jealous! Ever since my sister-in-law gave me a really nice 9x13 pan for Christmas, I have been wanting round pans of equal quality.

You know that that cake recipe for the Boston cream pie is notoriously finicky, right? It's one of the ones that Grandma threw.

Denise said...


And you really never will be sorry to have those cake pans.

Did I say how much I love your hair?

A Mitton said...

I love your hair. I can't do that with mine because of the curl, but I always love short hair.

(My sister's is SUPER short. Like Emma Watson's new style short. And she rocks it.)

I always put off purchases like cake pans until I am married. Or at least not a student anymore and have a semi-solid life. Plus, I rarely bake (why bake for just me?). Your pans are awesome, though.

Ande Payne said...

Do you read

http://www.yourcupofcake.com/ ?

It's all about cupcakes, but I'm sure the recipes could work equally well for cakes, right? Maybe? You can get creative?

jt said...

Yay! I love your hair! I've never seen you with hair that short, and I love it. Good choice. Although I am always partial to short(er) hair.
I too am very jealous of your cake pans. They have been on my list for the past couple of months. I like you, already have some, and have used them for years. But then I had a few failures or disappointments in a row, and borrowed Linda's really nice ones, and I was sold. But only figuratively because I haven't actually shelled out the money for nice cake pans yet. But it's coming, oh, it's coming. Email me how much you paid for them.
And please- Josh can't possibly complain or even raise his eyebrows at more cake pans when you regularly make things like CJP cake. (Still can't believe I've never made that one. Or Boston Cream Pie.)
It's settled. I really do like cake.
And you.
And your hair.

patsy said...

You are so smart!
I just last year... (so pitiful really) bought THREE SUBSTANCIAL cake pans & threw out all others.
You're light years ahead- those cake pans-- your mom is right-- you will never regret it!

Darling, darling hair!

Jill said...

I know it's sick and wrong, but I never make cake! I've never had a cake (except for Denver Sheet Cake made in a jelly roll pan) turn out right so I gave up on them. I don't come from a line of great cake bakers, so it hasn't been a problem for me but after reading this I feel ashamed.

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