this week

:: I've been dressing for summer, even when the weather still won't agree. This means skirts, people, even though my legs freeze. I mean, hello, it's July.

:: I tried massaman curry at our go-to Thai place and loved it; peanuts make everything better, from entrees to desserts. (PS How is it that I like massaman curry but not strawberries?? I wish I had an explanation.)

:: I researched refurbished iPods to find a replacement. My other one bit the dust a couple of weeks ago and took all my music along with it. The best. (Not.)

:: I've found some great deals on Pick Your Plum. Every day they send out a new limited deal on something awesome. The items go quickly, so if you want it, buy it! Today I bought four cute button hair pins for $4, shipping included. Very Jane is also a great site for limited deals.

:: I've been psyching myself up for another cake-baking attempt.

:: I've really been wanting a pool day. However, temperatures have been averaging in the 60s, which is a little too chilly for the pool if you ask me.

:: By Thursday I am so ready for Friday. Who's with me?


Jill said...

Wow, I didn't realize it wasn't getting very hot there. I'm all for cool temperatures most of the time, but summer really should feel like summer!

Love to Stitch said...

same temps here ): And yes, defnintely ready for friday, especially as it will be the first day of the summer holidays :D Love the skirt!

April said...

I am a HUGE fan of skirts for the summer time.
Ahhhh! That sucks about your ipod...seriously. Can you take to one of those Mac stores and get the songs off? That is so sad :(
I am ready for Friday, because this means Emily and I are finally going to see HP7pt2!! Whoo!!

A Mitton said...

I'm jealous of your 60s. It's 95 here with freaking gross humidity. I might just die.

Love the skirt, though.

michelle said...

I love wearing skirts in the summer!

I love massaman curry! I'm very impressed that you tried it. Still mystified by the strawberries.

Denise said...

You asked it before I could.

Love your skirt!

paws said...

Yummy curry! I guess you just never know. I'm impressed that you were brave enough to try it despite your anti-foodie tendencies.

jt said...

Obviously, surprised about the curry. But pleased. And mystified about the strawberries.
Double obviously I am envious of those temperatures. I didn't know a place in the continental US existed that could have 60 degree July weather!

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