12 of 12: august 2011

I thought it was neat that this month's 12-of-12 happened to fall on my last day of work. This week has been full of many last-things, and it was relieving to finally be finished.

01. A 10 a.m. Coke Zero--obviously
02. Checking in my key and key fob
03. Talking to Josh in the parking lot because it's a really boring day
04. Job hunting (I think my search criteria was only a place, hence the engineering postings for which I am clearly unqualified)
05. The mini chocolate cupcake a coworker brought me for my last day, one of four actual acknowledgments that I'm leaving (if other people knew, they said nothing)
06. The flowers that Emily sent me! Totally made my day
07. My last FedEx package
08. Checking to make sure that time really was progressing because my day felt interminable
09. My last view of IDL Worldwide
10. My bag of personal effects
11. My average speed during the commute (10 mph--10)
12. Commute time: 1 hour, 20 minutes, a commute I will not miss


kylee said...

chocolate cupcakes sound like perfection right about now.

Jessica said...

yeah! Now on to bigger and better things!

Jill said...

Hooray for your last day of boredom!! It's so hard to be in a boring job, it sucks the life out of a person for sure.

Hopefully your week of high expectations and freedom is in full force!

Sarah W. said...

I am so happy for you! Hope you find a job soon! Love and miss you.

jt said...

I love those little coke bottles.

michelle said...

I'm so glad it was the 12th on your last day! Good things to have documented.

1 hour 20 minute commute?! Holy crap! I would so not be okay with that, especially for a job I didn't particularly like. Good riddance.

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