reunited with 30GB of entertainment

Remember when I mentioned that my iPod was fried? I went for most of July without my iPod, and it was a colossal bummer. I do realize that unplugging myself is good every once in a while, and so I tried to take advantage of the new quiet in my life . . . and ending up lugging the laptop in to the bathroom with me while I got ready in the morning so I could have some company, courtesy of Netflix streaming.

I found a refurbished player on eBay for a reasonable price, and as soon as it came I sent it off to Emily so she could restock it for me. (My laptop with most of my music won't run iTunes, so really I had nothing.) She sent it back promptly, and it arrived yesterday.

I've spent all morning looking through my stocked iPod, recompiling my playlists and rediscovering music I'd forgotten about. And of all my listening options—options that include Ingrid Michaelson, the Weepies, and She & Him—I'm currently jamming to "Entering Bootytown" from the Music and Lyrics soundtrack, because that's just what feels good right now.

I know.

If you're needing some Tuesday ear-candy, give "Pop Goes My Heart" a go. And then maybe just go watch Music and Lyrics to get the fix I know you're really dying for.

You're welcome.


A Mitton said...

You do know that The Weepies will be in Portland August 20, right?


Please go for me. They're Boston concert is my moving day, and I'm not sure I can swing both. Makes me want to cry. Or just not move. (That's a lie, I love my new apartment, and you will too when I post pictures.)

A Mitton said...

THEIR. Not they're. Goodness, I apologize. I think I was going to say "They're in Boston on my moving day," but somehow that didn't happen. How embarrassing.

A Mitton said...

I love this comment conversation.

NO. I'm so sad for you. And for me. No Weepies for us.

Also, glad you've hit up the Saturday Market. And Eugene! Oh, I love Eugene. In all its crazy hippie weirdness. Really though, the UO campus is lovely.

Shilah said...

I love you. Thank you. THANK YOU for that.

I want to give you more music! Imma steal your ipod someday and give you all our newest ear candy.

Jill said...

This makes me laugh, they did such a good job making these feel like an authentically cheesy 80's video and song.

Claire said...

Oh the age of synthetic music! Be still my beating heart!

Mary said...

Well, that guy is a hunk!

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