locating some summer

Can you believe it's already August? July always feel like the most summery of months, and I think I did a good job this month of finding some of that summer that I've lost. My weekend was especially summery.

We played putt-putt golf and ate cake for Jeff's birthday (and I sustained a couple of mosquito bites from the mini golf, and even though we hate them, mosquito bites are very summer).

{This cake was about two inches taller when I frosted it, but the weight of the frosting smashed the bottom layer! Regardless, it turned out well enough to not make me want to throw it, and that bottom layer bounced right back after I laid the pieces flat.}

We ate lunch at the Lake Oswego farmers' market on Saturday. 

I enjoyed a genuine bratwurst (hello, bratwursts scream summer).

I also indulged in a chocolate croissant. (Do you really need a season to enjoy a good butter-saturated pastry? Of course not.)

We walked around Lake Oswego in weather perfect enough to allow shorts and simultaneously ward off sweating.

We topped off our weekend with naps, sewing, Thai take-out, a stay-in date night, embroidery, a bike ride, and some badminton.

This weekend was full of summer, and I'm ready to have another month of summer, complete with skirts, more bike rides, ice cream sandwiches, $5 movies, DisneyLand, and my 24th birthday.


Denise said...

I just can't get over how much I love your hair! (I think mine is about the same length now, sans bangs).

Your weekend does sound very summery indeed. I'm glad your cake turned out and that you did not not have to resort to throwing it.

A Mitton said...

I love Lake Oswego, and I LOVE your red shirt. One of my favorite summer things is getting gelato at the place in Bridgeport Village. Also, I'm sure you've done Saturday Market in Portland, right? That's fun too.

Man, I miss Oregon.

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