perhaps a little too ambitious—a post in which I use many italics

The end of my work contract comes at an interesting time. I'll have one job-less week before heading to Disney Land with all the Wilsons, so as far as job hunting goes, it might be hard to get going before the trip. I mean, some job searching needs to happen, but still.

All of a sudden I have this open week in which I know that I won't have to go to work. (Plus I've earned a week of paid vacation through the staffing agency that they're willing to pay me for after the contract ends, so really, I will be getting paid next week. Score.) And that week is becoming more and more magical the closer it gets.

I have many plans, the most important one being turning into Super Woman so I have a chance at actually accomplishing everything I've dreamed in my mind. My to-try-to-do list for next week includes but is not limited to the following:

:: exercising every morning
:: reading by the pool
:: finishing season 7 of 24
:: sewing two dresses—one dressy, one casual
:: making dinner more than once
:: starting and finishing at least three embroidery projects, all gifts for other people
:: cleaning the whole apartment from top to bottom
:: going to HomeGoods
:: going to the temple
:: thrifting
:: taking the car for a tune-up and oil change
:: finishing The Kennedys with Josh (thank you, Allison—we're hooked)
:: planning my cake buffet birthday party
:: and writing the great American novel (obviously)

So, yeah, it's going to be a full week. And I know, I won't be able to do all of these things. But I can have fun trying, right? (Really, though, don't worry—finding a job is still very much a priority here.)

And yes, I do really want to finish both dresses.


A Mitton said...

So many thoughts. K, list:

1) I love that your list was parallel in its use of gerunds.

2) Are the Kennedys not the most fascinating people you've ever heard about? I'm so glad you like the miniseries. I really want to go to the JFK library out here, and I want to learn more about Bobby.

3) Two dresses. Man.

4) Did you ever read the Emily of New Moon series by L. M. Montgomery? She is a writer and uses italics abundantly, and her very favorite teacher always rags on her for using italics to often. But I love them. They are the best form of emphasis, I think.

A Mitton said...

Too often, too often. Shoot.

emilymcb said...

Good luck with the job search. That is no fun. Hopefully you will end up with something you like even better though!

Love to Stitch said...

Maybe you should skip sleeping? You must post about those dresses! And good luck with the job search (:

Jill said...

How exciting to have a glorious paid week off work but still at home!! I think your try-to-do list is ambitious and fun and if you get any of it done at all your week will be a success!

Diana said...

You're week excites me. I hope you have the time to do everything you want :)

Denise said...

Go for it! Your week sounds like heaven to me--being paid to stay home and sew. Wow.

jt said...

Seriously- being paid to stay home and sew? Amazing.
When are you going to Disney World? (I've never been to a Disney anything- except the store.)
I've never been remotely interested in the Kennedys. Is that a personal failing?
Oh, and what dresses?

michelle said...

Being paid to stay home and sew is pretty much the best thing that could ever happen.

I love your ambition!

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