some miscellany

:: Right now I'm re-watching season seven of 24, and it reminds me forcibly of when I watched it for the first time with Emily. One of the early villains is General Juma, an African warlord. He's terrifying. One time Emily and I postulated about how horrifying it would be to find Juma under your bed. A couple days later Emily presented me with the Juma Cube, a set of images of Juma that Emily printed out and assembled into a 3D cube. This way, Juma really could be under my bed. Every time I think about the Juma Cube I laugh. It's in Colorado now, and as far as I know is still intact. I wish I had a picture to show you.

:: When we were in Colorado last month Sarah surreptitiously reentered her name in my phone to Bruno Mars (I find all his music inane). I kept it that way and laugh every time she calls or texts. And speaking of Sarah, she started a blog too! You should definitely check it out.

:: I was online checking the TSA regulations for what's allowed in a carry-on because I want to take some embroidery with me tomorrow. They actually specify meat cleavers as an item prohibited in a carry-on. Meat cleavers. And sabers. My embroidery scissors, though, are a go.


michelle said...

I'm totally cracking up over the Juma Cube under your bed. And Bruno Mars texting you.

My embroidery scissors were confiscated at the airport, but that was several years ago. I hope you are more lucky!

emily said...

Juma Cube!! Always good for a laugh. John and I started that season of 24 last night! I'm thinking of you and laughing about Juma. I'm also pleasantly remembering eating Pizza Mia on my extra dorm bed, constantly getting up to wake up the screen.

I love you!!!

Denise said...

I have Justin Beiber (a.k.a. Emily) as a contact in my phone. I haven't changed it because it, too, makes me laugh every time she texts or calls.

Too bad Josh will have to leave his saber behind.

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