another overdue reunion

I almost don't want to tell you the last time I took out my sewing machine. (Think Christmas.) I know. So after Christmas sewing I started battling first-trimester nausea and had little energy for anything but Gilmore Girls and necessary laundry. Then I started getting back up on my feet again and geared up for moving.

Now I'm mostly unpacked and getting ready for a baby, trying to balance work, settling in, and striving for more conscientious housekeeping. And really, I have a hard time being motivated to sew for myself when I'm only going to get bigger.

But last week, I had an itch. A sewing itch. I wanted to cut out fabric and feel the pleasure of feeding it through the machine needle, the satisfaction of pressing newly stitched textiles.

So I found some scrap fabric and made an apron. I even pulled out the aqua jumbo ric-rac. My machine was so happy to stitch, and I felt joyous at this reunion. I spent an afternoon creating, and boy, did it feel good.

I also finished some kitchen embroidery that I still need to hang up. I just like looking at it all. So happy.

My dearest sewing machine, I promise I will not wait four months to take you out again. That sewing hiatus was far too long. Start thinking Babe's nursery.


A Mitton said...

Love love love the silverware embroidery. Obviously.

michelle said...

I LOVE your embroidery projects!!

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