a contract

Way back in November, Jeremy Wilson came for Thanksgiving, and prior to his arrival we made an agreement that if he made his legit Italian lasagna, I would make him Wood Family Homemade Brownies. It was a deal of the best kind.

Just recently I bought a cookbook that I've really been loving. So far all the recipes I've tried have met with rave reviews from this Wilson chapter, and when I saw a recipe for lasagna, I thought that if I can't have Jeremy Wilson living close to whip me up some lasagna, then this cookbook could provide decent substitution.

After almost three hours of work in the kitchen--not just cooking/baking time, but actual on-your-feet-working cooking--dinner was finally ready. I was very hungry and borderline cranky by this point. The cheesy-garlic bread was super delicious, but the lasagna? It missed the mark, especially given the work that went into making it.

So, here's the thing: I'm saving my lasagna-ing for when Jeremy comes to town and for the forseeable future am playing the cold-cereal card at dinnertime, because I'm so sick of the kitchen after tonight's meal prep.

To Jeremy: Whenever you make lasagna, I will make whatever dessert you want, just so I never have to slave over substandard pasta. Okay? Okay.


m.estelle said...

Deal! Jeremy's Lasagna and Charlotte's Desserts equals a power meal.

Should we go into the restaurant business together?


Jessica said...

I love that cookbook! Sorry to hear your dinner wasn't worth all the effort, I hate that!

michelle said...

I REALLY hate it when that happens. Especially when pregnant. During my pregnancy with Eva, I couldn't cook much at all for the last 3 months or so!

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