24 weeks--the body pillow

People have finally started telling me that I look pregnant, which is a welcome relief. I've felt more pregnant for the past two months, and at this point, when people dismiss my babe bump, I want to say, "Really? There's a baby in there--I haven't just been over-doing the Donut Gems" (nevermind the bag of synthetic donuts I consumed solo this week).

Sleeping has started to be uncomfortable, which is disheartening, because I have the lion's share of pregnancy discomfort ahead of me. My muscles ache more, and I'm a little intimdated by the fact that my pound-and-a-half babe is going to double in size over the next month.

One day last week after Josh left for work I curled back into bed, put his pillow between my legs and under my bump, and slept solidly for two more hours. That night I went out and bought my very own body pilllow, and my nights--while still punctuated with at least one bathroom run--have been filled with much more sleep. Best pregnancy investment so far.

Other notes at 24 weeks:
:: The cold-cereal kick has continued.
:: I also really like salty things, like Lays chips.
:: Don't forget the chocolate. Obviously.
:: Fewer mood swings, maybe? I'll defer that assessment to Josh--if he dares to wade that minefield.
:: Bella Bands are great; they put off the inevitable purchase of maternity jeans.
:: If I had my way, though, I'd be in stretchy pants all the time.

With more pregnancy discomforts in my future, let me end with a question to you mothers: What are your favorite pregnancy amenities? Tricks? Tips? Splurges? Give me the inside scoop, ladies.


Sandy Cove said...

I love the baby bump!

Denise said...

I love this photo!!! (And you--of all people--know I resist the temptation to use multiple exclamation marks).

Suggestions? Chocolate, and plenty of it. Obviously.

A Mitton said...

This body pillow news, while not new information, is a little concerning to me. My hips have been hurting really bad lately, enough that I've started sleeping on my side with a pillow between my knees. Seems to be the only thing that works. I don't even want to think about what pregnancy will do to me (in fifteen years).

A Mitton said...

Oh also, I'm loving your hair!

paws said...

Motherhood makes a really comfy pair of jeans with a full belly panel. Buy at least two pair. They're all I wore in the end.

Serin said...

If Peggy is referring to the Secret Belly Panel (or something like that), I totally agree! The underbelly pants just won't stay up in the end. Also, if you haven't switched to maternity "undies" I would do so ASAP. I hated stuff tight around my waist. Forget the tops though, Ick.

Natasha and Jesse said...

I'm 30 weeks pregnant and I would say buy shirts that are long and somewhat stretchy! Shorter (regular sized) shirts might cover now, but once you are further along regular shirts won't cover the bump. Motherhood makes some very comfortable ones.

m.estelle said...


miss you

michelle said...

you do look beautiful!

I second the maternity undies. That was the best investment I made. That and a nightgown. (I couldn't handle having anything even remotely snug around my "waist.") Maternity clothes in general are so much more comfortable, and they actually make some pretty cute ones now!

The body pillow totally saved me.

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