recent life lessons

:: One of the worst aspects of adulthood is dealing with unhelpful customer service representatives and listening to tuneless hold music for 40 minutes.

:: Unpacking is never finished as fast as you want it to.

:: When Tylenol is about the only pain med you're allowed during pregnancy you take it for just about anything.

:: The best moments of the day are when Josh can feel the baby kick.

:: No matter your preparation for your Easter Primary lesson about Jesus, the four-year-olds will really only want to tell you about their Easter baskets that the Easter bunny left.

:: Even though two years ago you said that you'd never miss school, you do now.

:: Life really is easier with a dinner plan.

:: Sometimes you need to accept all that you have done during the day instead of focusing on all that you didn't get done.

:: Some days it's okay to chill on the couch instead of vacuuming.


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