the whole point

Easter embodies everything about Christianity, the heart of my entire belief system, the crux of our existence and purpose.

What more meaningful holiday is there than this which celebrates and rejoices over His life and triumph? What can bring more peace than a knowledge of our eternal redemption, than a promise of our ultimate deliverance? What greater image is there than the empty tomb, the proof that death is not forever?

The prayers uttered in that sacred garden changed the world--changed my world. He suffered over two millennia ago yet the results of those climactic and eternally decisive garden moments are very much alive in my life and world every day.

Today, I'm celebrating my Savior. Without Easter Christmas is moot, this life is devoid of design and direction. I wish you the happiest of Easters, an Easter that focuses not on spiral-cut hams or Easter egg hunts, but one that is full of humble and happy rejoicing.

Happy Easter--I can't think of a more important celebration.

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michelle said...

Beautiful. It is the whole point!

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