a red-letter day

College took me four years to complete, and when I left I emerged with not only a degree but also some debt. While a common situation, I lamented my debt and at first felt guilty about it when Josh and I decided to get married. (See, Josh made it through college with a full-tuition scholarship; sometimes he's so silly that I forget how crazy smart he is. Don't tell him I told you.)

So, I am thrilled to announce that last week

we paid off my student loans.

Josh earned a big bonus at work, and we were a little torn on what to do with it. (The possibility of leaving apartment living for good and diving into home ownership was so tempting.) We decided to pay off those loans, and boy, does it feel marvelous. Loan balance: $0.00. Zero dollars

When I was working, great portions of my paychecks chipped away at those loans, but really I have to thank my hardworking, genius husband for earning most of the money that paid back my loans and also for not incurring any debt himself. (Now how about he earn another bonus to get us into a house, yeah?) He's the bread-winner who wins the whole damn bakery.


Julie O'Brien said...

Yay! That's fantastic Charlotte. I'm glad that you can now move on debt free :) buying a house would be tempting though...I'm proud of your self control though :P

Ron Wiod said...

Your Dad told me Josh was crazy smart. He married you, that was really smart, but I have the feeling this only the start of Josh's "bonus's. Keep him!

Hannah Holt said...

YAY! Happy day indeed!

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