dressing boys

I'll admit that when we learned Babe was a boy, the frilly part of me was just a little disappointed that I wouldn't be buying lace and ruffles and jeggings and Mary Janes.

I am here to witness, however, that dressing boys is awesome. I've fallen in love with the collars and slacks, the argyle and elbow patches. I love the dinosaurs, elephants, and stripes, the corduroy and the denim.

Baby boy is sharp and dapper, and I have more fun shopping for him than I do for me. He's certainly the best dressed among the three of us, and my heart both melts and hurts when I see him in jeans and a t-shirt, already looking like a little, fuzzy-headed boy.

I hope that I'll have at least one girl to doll up and sew dresses for, but I tell you, I don't ever get sick of dressing this handsome baby boy.

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Ande said...

I'm so glad to hear this. I went baby shopping this last weekend and at Target I just wanted all of the girl clothes because they had daisies and frills. And the shoes! But little plaid shirts and vests are so cute too.

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