pink pants

First off, isn't the world sunnier and brighter when you aren't fighting with your husband? My world looks a million times more wonderful when Mr. Wilson and I like each other. In fact, it's so much more wonderful that I went to the LOFT to browse spring styles. And I happened upon this pair of pink skinny jeans.

{The clothing pictured above is not the actual clothing I found at the store, but it sure is close}

And then I happened upon a white-navy striped cardigan with a coral band. And both were on sale. So I tried on the skinny jeans. Obviously. They were the "super skinny" cut and, frankly, looked like they were painted on my legs. I couldn't even pull them up all the way. Even though the employee said that usually a size up works best for the super skinny jeans, they didn't have a size up, and I probably couldn't have dealt with the embarrassment of not fitting into another super skinny pair.

I bought the cardigan and abandoned the pants. But I couldn't forget those pants. When I got home, I thought of this sewing pattern I have, and I thought, Now those pants would look cute in pale pink.

So I went online and ordered a couple yards of pale pink stretch cotton. Because here's the thing: I want pink pants this spring, and if I can't buy them then I'll stick it to the super skinny jeans and make them instead.

What do you want to wear this spring?

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