month 7

:: Month seven has been delight.
:: He's still sitting like a champ. Clearly.
:: But no crawling yet.
:: He'd have to spend time on his tummy for crawling.

:: And that just doesn't ever go well.
:: Obviously.
:: Month seven did bring a tooth, though.
:: See it?

:: Standing is still a favorite way to be.
:: And that drool is ever present.
:: Honestly, I'm kind of over the drooling.
:: But I have no say in that.

:: We spent some time in Denver during month seven.
:: Asher met Moosey.
:: He thinks he should like the dog, but isn't sure if he actually does.

 :: He warmed up to my family right away.
:: And that was the best thing I could have asked for during that trip.

:: Asher reaches and lunges and grabs.
:: He's wiggly and squirmy and curious.
:: He takes such charge in interacting with his world, and I love it.
:: Most of the time.
:: Church squirming is not my favorite kind of wiggle.

:: I have a hard time getting candid pictures of this boy.
:: He sees the camera and flashes a smile.
:: What a little ham with the best little ham hocks.

:: Asher has mostly conquered the sippy cup.
:: Sometimes that super diluted apple juice just ends up all down his onesie.
:: But often it ends up in his tummy.

:: Strangers comment on his fuzzy hair almost everywhere we go.
:: I can't blame them.
:: It's fabulous.

:: Asher is way more aware of me and Josh as his parents.
:: He does the mommy dive more.
:: It warms my heart when he reaches for me.

:: There's something about month seven that has been so magical.
:: I marvel at this boy's person: his body, his mind, his spirit.
:: Sometimes I'm stopped still with the fact that Asher is my son and that I get to be his mother.


Emily Zarbock said...

Reading this has been the best part of my day! The boy has stolen my heart.

paws said...

He is so cute!

Denise Wood said...

Best part of my day, too! I could just look at these photos over and over and over again. LOVE. THIS. BOY.

Jill said...

This is such a cute, exciting age!

Hannah Holt said...

Those faces! Priceless!

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