a weekend of firsts

First off, I am humbled by the response I received on yesterday's post. You all make me feel safe when I post on things close to my heart. Thank you.

I regret to say that the pictures we took in between classes at church did not make the blog cut. In fact, Josh told me that I couldn't post them anywhere. So the babe's first Easter is photographically undocumented. Just know that he was the definition of dapper in blue and white pinstripe pants with a knit navy blazer. 

We had a few other firsts this weekend, though.

Asher's first pair of sunglasses. And he kept them on. It's like he already knows that he has to be cooler than Mom and Dad.

Doesn't that face of his just kill you? I laugh every time I see it.

His first stick-your-head-in-a-stupid-place-for-a-picture.

His first slide ride.

And his first encounter with grass.

And let's not neglect to mention his first romper. 

Though, those ham hocks sure are giving this romper a run for its money.


m.estelle said...

okay i am dying over all of these. i need to see my boy!
that last photo is mini josh!!


Denise Wood said...

He is just the coolest of the cats--and the cutest, too. That picture of him in the goofy cutout/head thing makes me laugh! I love and miss him SO MUCH.

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