letting go

The babe and I are jetting to Utah the day after tomorrow, and my lists are miles long (or perhaps it's the laundry that's mountains high?). So tonight I realized that I had to let some things go, like that leopard-print cardigan I so very much wanted to start and finish before the plane takes off at 10:35 Wednesday morning.

Asher's two-and-a-half-hour nap this afternoon helped me immensely, but he'd probably have to sleep all day for me to swing that cardigan, and if he slept all day, then what would my night hold? So, leopard-print cardigan, you'll have to wait until after we return, because I'm slowly learning that willingly letting go is so much better than having it torn from my clutching, over-tired fingers.

Tomorrow I'll pack up my sewing station for a few days and feel 100-percent OK with it. Then maybe I'll have a better chance at actually folding all that laundry.

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Diana Allen said...

from instagram looks like you had a lot of fun in Provo. So glad you could go to Emily's graduation and spend time with your family :)

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