mind reading, stream of consciousness

If you could read my mind, you'd see stuff like this.

:: 107 days until the John Mayer concert with Laura and Brooke!
:: Wait, how much money do we need to buy a home?!
:: I'll call that realtor tomorrow.
:: Which sewing project should I start first?
:: Probably the denim skirt.
:: Then the nightgown.
:: Then the blouse.
:: Then the romper for Asher.
:: I wish Josh would get home so we could watch the new Mindy Project.
:: I hate it when my home smells like smoke.
:: Thinking that the marinade from the pork tenderloin would magically turn into a delectable sauce was misguided.
:: So much smoke.
:: What was that decomposed vegetable in my fridge anyway?
:: Gross.
:: Is folding the towels going to happen tonight?
:: Probably not.
:: Redoing the blog design?
:: Who do I go to for such things?
:: Stretchy pants?
:: Yes.

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