I understand

I have this distinct, lone memory of my dad coming in from work, seeing his children together, and tearing up. I don't remember how old I was, or what we were all even doing, but I do remember my father staring at his family with tears in his eyes. And I remember that I didn't understand.

Tonight after we fed Asher his dinner of butternut squash, apples, and ground turkey, we stripped him down to his diaper and proceeded to dance to this song. In that moment, my world stood still and all I saw was beauty. My entire being flooded with love and spilled out my eyes.

I understand now, Dad. I understand why you cried. You saw pure beauty and felt pure love, and you had no other expression for the joy you felt in that exact moment. You embraced it, and you cried.

I understand.

1 comment:

A Mitton said...

That song. That song makes my whole being light up. You can't not be happy when you dance to that song.

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