gently spring

The mornings are still chilly enough to merit some cocoa, but the jacket issue is still up in the air around here. I usually just settle on throwing a knit zip-up on the boy and then worry that he's freezing. But once we're on our way home from our outing, it's sunny and warmer and I'm positive that he'd be hating me if I'd put him in his fleece coat.

Spring has been gently easing into our life this month. Some days it's smack in my face, and other days it prefers to hide behind rain and clouds. Regardless of the weather, Asher and I have been taking plenty of walks and throwing open windows and doors when we're inside. I've been steadily sewing to add complementary items to my spring wardrobe. My projects, for the most part, have been simple, quick, and straightforward. The babe's wardrobe has been quickly expanding to accommodate his ever-lengthening body.

I've been dabbling in some spring cleaning, waffling on whether to purge our belongings now or when we move in the near-ish, six-month future. Speaking of moving, isn't homeownership a swamp of number confusion? (Thank the heavens for Rick, our mortgage broker, who runs all the different numbers and scenarios for us.)

We're keeping up with Grimm and The Mindy Project, trying (so far unsuccessfully) to teach Asher to crawl, and sleeping less than we should. So as you can see, this spring has been an involved one. It's been renewing and full of sunshine (so renewing, in fact, that I think we're about due for some Oregon coast).


Natalie Bergin said...

It is such a fun moment when your little one begins to crawl, but it also makes life much more crazy than I would have thought. With Ian I was putting him up on all fours and making him rock back and forth teaching him how to crawl. With Anna I honestly think I might nudge her down every time she tries to get on all fours. Life is just easier when they are stationary.

Katie Grosskopf said...

Tell us more about the house buying experience! I'm curious how it all works.

Colt and Karen said...

As much as I love my house, I absolutely hated buying it. It was the longest, most confusing process. Good luck! It's worth it!

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