instead of packing

I should be packing. Obviously. But I'd much rather be eating Target-brand honey nut cheerios and blogging instead. Again, obviously.

Last night contained the first moment that I saw visible packing progress. You know, that moment when all the boxes full of stuff look like they're actually emptying your home, just as you intended all along. I took down all the wall ornaments, and isn't it fascinating how doing just that one thing can make giant strides in transforming your home into just almost-vacant space?

I've had several podcasts to keep me company while packing, my new favorite being NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour. For a TV junkie like me, this podcast is audio delight. I'll often turn on Friday Night Lights while I pack, and isn't Tim Riggins just so frustratingly lovable? Then there's Harry Potter audio, obviously, and when I really a boost, *NSYNC Greatest Hits.

Asher was playing with the dresser drawers this morning and pinched his fingers several times. Every time was oh so sad, and it didn't take me long to realize that he wouldn't stop playing with the drawers any time soon. So I made a snap decision and put him down for a nap about half an hour earlier than usual. And speaking of the babe, I'm overdue for his 10-month post and I haven't even taken the pictures for it. Month 10 has been a big one, folks: we're talking bona fide crawling.

My cereal bowl has been empty for some time now, which probably means I need to get to work and accomplish something before Asher inevitably wakes up earlier than I want. Thanks, blog, for providing such a wonderful distraction.


Jill said...

I haven't heard of that podcast, I usually listen to This American Life, Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me and then recently Michelle turned me on to Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin and I've been loving that!

I LOVE Friday Night Lights and of course Timmy Riggins!

Katie Grosskopf said...

Instead of packing for our upcoming move, I scrolled all the way through your blog posts(starting in 2014) to find this post. It makes me feel less guilty for not packing.
Thanks :)

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