sandal delivery, thank you very much

Yesterday after an unintentional, neck-cramping, disorienting nap I had to sit down and focus on some writing for these people. After some not so productive brainstorming I heard a quick knock on the front door. I found a white square box stamped with a simple pink ShoeDazzle on the side, and suddenly my weird Friday morning received a welcome tweak.

Inside I found my new pair of sandals that I ordered on Monday. Have you heard of ShoeDazzle? It's this site where you fill out a style profile, and after a day or two you get your own personalized shoe showroom. It's fabulous. Plus you get all these coupons in your inbox for crazy things like $15 off and save 25 percent and free shipping. So these all Italian leather sandals with that delightful metallic band were only $34. Seriously.

It was too chilly to wear them yesterday, but I was so giddy about their arrival that I gave myself permission to read my book for the entirety of Asher's afternoon nap, and it was lovely.

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