scribbled pot roast and writer's block

I've been feeling that I have nothing to write about that would be super interesting. I thought about telling you all about how I made a pot roast last night and how I'm still using the instructions I scribbled down as a college sophomore as my mom told me step by step how to roast a pot roast. But really there wasn't much of a story there.

My new favorite snack has been Nutella. I guess to get specific it's Nutella between graham crackers or on toast or on a spoon. Nutella. I went to three different grocery stores today because I refused to pay $4 for a small loaf of sandwich bread when I could get two big loaves of sandwich bread for $6 at Costco. So we schlepped to Costco just for the sandwich bread. I signed up Asher for the summer reading program at the library, and I'm thrilled. I figure that if I'm going to indoctrinate him with something it might as well be a love for reading, right? I start my weeks off running and slowly peter out to coasting by Friday. We've been chowing down on the most delicious watermelon.

You can't help but agree with me that none of those constitutes a real story. But I guess they're all small pieces that are currently making up mine. I just wish they'd lend themselves better to beating writer's block.

(We're closing on a home a week from Wednesday. I guess that's kind of a story--one for another post, I think.)


Miranda said...

Closing on a house is a huge story! Congratulations! Also, let me tell you right now...DON'T buy the dark chocolate cream cheese. You don't want to have the burden of figuring out what else you can use for your chocolate spreads and then resort to your fingers. I'm just trying to help.

Jill said...

It's weird, but I don't like Nutella.

Woohoo for closing on a house next week, that's super news worthy!

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