month 10

:: These pictures were not taken with the usual intention and care. They were taken on impulse without any editing at all of my surroundings. This is my real life today, people.
:: Sometimes I'm surprised Asher is such a person.
:: He'd probably roll his eyes if he heard me state my marvel at his person-hood, but it's true.
:: You know what I mean?

:: Crawling happened for real over here.
:: In fact, it was hard to take any real candid photos of him, because as soon as he heard the camera, he turned and promptly made his way over.
:: I think he was crawling in secret for a couple days before I saw him action.
:: He'd be one place, and when I looked again five seconds later, he'd be over

:: He graduated to the high chair and a lower crib setting.
:: Those blankets you see strapped around the crib railing?
:: Those are there to prevent him from gnawing his way out of that thing.
:: Goodness.

:: He went through a growth spurt at the beginning of month 10 that involved an entire week of grumpiness.
:: He laughs at body noises like burps and farts.
:: Asher is now a pro with finger foods and has also learned to drop food off the side of his high chair.
:: I hardly know how to react to this. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's maddening, but I don't want to give him a reaction either way. So how to do I get him to stop?

:: Like I said earlier this week, moving has been hard on him. He can feel the fatigue of the situation, and I'd do anything to make this weekend a little easier for him.
:: Since becoming mobile he gets himself into all sorts of tumbles, bruises, and scrapes.

:: He can pull himself up on things quite nicely, and his favorite place to practice is in the bathtub. That's the place where we practice no the most.
:: Lots of ba-ba-bas, once a ba-ma, but no mama or dada yet.

:: At this exact moment he's supposed to be sleeping.
:: I'm supposed to be packing.
:: Neither of us is doing what we should.


Jill said...

I totally understand the "he's such a person" statement, it's freaky really because when he gets older you'll end up feeling like he was that way from the beginning but you were just getting to know him. It's cool.

I'm excited to see photos of your new house...don't make us wait until you're all the way moved in and decorated!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to tell you that he wont stop throwing food for a while. My 2 year old still does it (on accident now at least). I'm not the tidiest of people so I never really cared except the time that our vacuum broke...man that was nasty.

Susan said...

So, so cute!

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