let's be friends

I feel that if we're going to be friends--which, obviously we are--you need to know a few things.

:: I am a low-maintenance friend. This means that I don't always text, call, or write back (I do try--promise) but all that doesn't mean that I don't care. In fact, I can go for months without talking to you and still feel like we're best buds. That's what I mean by low maintenance. 
:: Watching TV is a highly enjoyable way for me to wind down. If we share a favorite show or two, all the better.
:: I hate exercise. 
:: I love cake.
:: I won't judge you on your grammar. Promise. (People worry about that one all the time.)
:: I am an introvert. This means that social things, while often enjoyable, drain my energy rather than replenish it. I need time to recharge. This topic actually deserves a whole blog post of its own, don't you think?
:: I value handmade and homemade, especially when it comes to cake. I love whipping up a good, made-from-scratch layer cake. I'll even teach you how to bake a cake.
:: Harry Potter and I are BFFs. You are more than welcome to join the club.
:: I drink hot cocoa year-round.
:: I pick Pepsi over Coke every single time. 

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Natania and Brady said...

Charlotte, I wish we lived closer because I feel that we just might be kindred spirits. I was able to relate to most of your bullet points, with the biggest exception being that, if I'm going to drink a cola, it's going to be a Coke. :) If you ever find yourself in the Bay Area, please let me know. Our boys can play outside while you teach me how to bake a layered cake.

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