12 of 12: saturday

01. Nothing says Saturday like pigtails.
02. Practicing my violin piece for church
03. Target--obviously
04. A long overdue conversation with my mom
05. Serious vacuuming--you see those chairs Josh put on the table. Like I said: serious.
06. Josh's bloody stump of a finger. He had a small run-in with a knife--he's a-okay.
07. A nap snippet
08. Fabric Depot with Jessica
09. Dinner at Five Guys
10. Hanging with our neighbor (well, the Wilsons' neighbor) Daniel
11. A good game of Dominion
12. Clean sheets--delightful


jt said...

I did NOT appreciate the bloody stump photo.
I DID appreciate the polka dot fabric.

michelle said...

YIkes on the bloody stump!! But a nap (even a snippet), fabric-shopping, Five Guys, a game, Target, clean sheets... oh so good.

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