things I could write about but won't

This week I've been in a blog block. I'm at a complete loss of something to blog about. Life this week has been, well, boring. And not to say that I'm bored with life, because really, I love boring. I love routines, and I love normal.

I could blog about how I left my umbrella on the lightrail yesterday morning and how I remembered in time to go back to see the doors close and the train pull away as I saw my polka-dot umbrella sitting on my seat, abandoned. {Can you say run-on sentence}

I could blog about how I'm ready to dive into more Russian lit. Dostoyevsky, to be specific.

I could blog about my serious cleaning plans this weekend.

I could blog about how, through tears and frustration, I persevered and fixed my sewing machine.

I could blog about my dreams of sewing a wardrobe comprising solely skirts and dresses.

I could blog about the feelings I had when I read an email from a co-worker urging us to donate money to relief efforts in Japan instead of "only praying," so that we could "do something that might actually help."

I could blog about how I'm really excited to start subscribing to the New Yorker. I just love magazines.

I could blog about my budding enthusiasm for March Madness this year, thanks in no small part to Jimmer.

I could blog about how Mom's musical week and Emily's exam week coinciding was not my plan. I'd like my daily phone calls and g-chats back, please.

I could blog about how I'm currently more in an "input" mood, that is I'm reading a ton—blogs, magazines, books—and how my output inspiration (you know, blogging) is idle.

I hit these blog ruts every now and again, and I know I'll pull out. Maybe I'll finally buckle down and get the apartment spiffed up enough to take pictures so I can show you our first married apartment. Maybe I'll dive into a committed cooking project that I'll document. Or I might just sit down with a BG and watch Gilmore Girls and let inspiration hits when it feels like it.

{Remember, tomorrow is the 12th—get your cameras ready! And at least I can count on a weekend post with 12on12, right?}


michelle said...

I love this. I like boring and normal, too!

Such a sad visual about your umbrella riding solo.

Lucas has Jimmer fever!

Susan said...

I couldn't agree more with you on looking forward to your mom being finished with her performance demands and getting back to some form of communication! Ugh. I miss her...and Emily too!

I could like boring too if I just had time...or no time!

S0 sad about the umbrella. Sad, sad, sad. So sad, very sad, WAY sad. SAD.

and that's the end.

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