the daytime TV demographic

Because of the nature of my job (manning the front desk), it's hard for me to leave my post for long stretches of time, for example lunch breaks. I sign for deliveries, greet business visitors, and explain our company and office to the random people who come in. (And random walk-ins happen all the time. In fact, one happened just now.) So to facilitate my job responsibilities and my lunch breaks, I take my lunches here, in our mezzanine-slash-lounge, from where I can hear anyone entering or exiting the building.

I love it. I get to lounge in these chairs (which offer more modern trend than actual comfort) and watch TV for 30 to 45 minutes. My favorite show is Law and Order, which is on TNT all afternoon every afternoon. No joke.

After a week or so of this routine, I started noticing a trend in the commercials TNT aired during their back-to-back Law and Order episodes. I now know all about Binder & Binder, America's most trusted social security disability advocates. I know about Colonial Penn life insurance: they won't reject your application because of age (even if you're over 50), don't require a medical examination, and is only $0.35 a day. And don't forget the SunSetter retractable awning that makes it so you can enjoy the outdoors without baking in the sun.

So—I suppose I'm an outlier in the TNT daytime demographic. Still, I love my Law and Order lunches.

If only TNT aired commercials for 15-inch punctuation stencils to make my research easier. . . . Yes, punctuation stencils.


Camille said...

binder&binder--that's our biggest competitor! keep an eye out for myler disability. you know you're watching the right one if the guy doesn't blink. like ever.

Daniel said...

Many's the afternoon I've spent eating a leisurely late-lunch after class (and recently, after leaving the high school). Somehow watching McCoy put another slime bag in the slammer with his slightly pompous but uncannily rhetorical and inarguably just speeches is just the medicine I need to get right back to work when it's over.

Yeah, big L&O fan here.

jt said...

I too love L&O but haven't seen it since we ditched tv service a few months ago.
I know all of those commercials well, being a SAHM of small children before we ditched the tv service. It was great (and very unproductive when they were small enough that I could watch L&O with them in the room.)
I am very interested in those punctuation stencils.

hannah said...

Don't forget the other daytime TV target audience- the unemployed. Haven't you seen lots of College America, ITT Tech, or other "re-edumacate yourself to be more competitive" commercials?

emily said...

I can picture all of these commercials! Ha. I love the sound of your lunch breaks. I wish we could take one together!

Laura said...

I distinctly remember watching The Price is Right growing up and having the realization that every commercial was either for a Jazzy, health insurance, or life insurance. I think that's when I actually understood the concept of "target audience".

michelle said...

Sounds pretty good to me!

Q: have you seen the British version of L&O? I saw one episode and liked it pretty well.

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