sometimes when you sew a skirt

:: Sometimes you start sewing a skirt with trepidation.
:: Because the last time you made a skirt, the reception was iffy.
:: But you're really excited about this one.
:: Because you've already made one skirt.
:: Even if it was "crafty."
:: So you start sewing.
:: And it's going great.
:: Until you insert the damn invisible zipper and realize you did it wrong.
:: So you take it out and try again.
:: And that damn invisible zipper still didn't go in right.

:: And then you have a meltdown.
:: You might not have the heart (or time) to pick up the skirt again for another week.
:: And when you do, you still have to tackle that damn invisible zipper.
:: Twice.
:: Because you did it wrong.
:: Again.
:: And then you realize that you put the waistband on upside down.
:: Because you sewed the waistband on upside down, you thought you cut the skirt pieces out wrong and trimmed off the "extra fabric."
:: So you take the whole skirt apart and re-cut the skirt front and back pieces.

:: And you sew the whole thing all over again.
:: Including the damn invisible zipper.
:: Twice.
:: But the waistband is on correctly this time.
:: Phew.
:: So you stitch-the-ditch and trim your thread until you're ready to hem.
:: And you try our your blind-hem presser foot this time.
:: You love it.
:: You press the skirt.
:: And try it on.
:: But you don't post any pictures of you in the skirt, because you couldn't get a decent one no matter what you tried.

:: For a second skirt, it's not that bad.
:: Maybe even a little less crafty than the first one.


Denise said...

Damn invisible zipper.

puffkix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
puffkix said...

So I'm assuming that the invisible zipper's brand is Damn? Or maybe that's just the technical term?

jt said...

I'm sorry about all the woes. I commend your dogged determination! (all these things will give thee sewing experience)

Jessica said...

Glad it turned out! Now you will either really appreciate the skirt every time you wear it, or you will hate it because you remember how hard it was to sew! I think you should appreciate it because it turned out really cute! Worth the effort!

little miss michelle said...

i've always wished i could sew. you have great talent! :) it looks great!

ps. love your blog! :)

Diana said...

i checked out your sewing book from the library. I love it its so pretty and well detailed. I am excited to get started on some of the projects.

paws said...

Cute post, cute shirt.

michelle said...

I hate zippers. I'm impressed that you did it so many times! Your sewing and knitting skills are impressive, you have just dived right in, haven't you?

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