my latest "craft" project

My sewing has been progressing nicely. I finished up curtains. I've had a few more fabric-buying excursions, and I've even bought fabric for a pattern that's not in my sewing book. I'm that serious now.

Last night I finished my first clothing project since the skort I completed when I was nine. I made a wraparound skirt. When I picked out the fabric, I even had a whole outfit in mind for this skirt. It was a great transition project into apparel sewing because it combined new and old concepts into something that wasn't too hard and still increased the sewist's confidence.

I found a few things I could have done differently, but I thought that, for a first piece of clothing (since I started sewing more seriously) I did pretty well. It's even green for St. Patrick's Day. {Please excuse my lanky post-work hair}

So when I came into work today and one of my co-workers complimented me on my skirt, some pride welled up inside me.

I felt even further validated when he asked me where I got it. "Oh, I made it!" I confidently answered.

"Oh, I was wondering. It has that crafty feel to it."

. . . Thanks? All my confidence, pride, and validation went mostly out the window.

While I do aspire to be a craft master, I want the things I make to have style. Especially the clothes. I don't want my clothes to look like a craft project. Which apparently, right now, they do.

So with a little more trepidation than I had before, I'm headed into my next skirt project. Or, should I say, craft project.


michelle said...

I'm amazed at your sewing progress in a very short time! Nice, co-worker, way to dash Charlotte's confidence! I think it's really cute.

Krista and Nate Lowe said...

way cute!!! when i get a sewing machine one day you are going to have to teach me all your tricks!

Miranda said...

First of all, your sewing skills have now surpassed mine. So, way to go.

Your story made me laugh. Don't let it get you down. It reminds me of my aunt. She is an amazing seamstress but we all know she sews so we're always asking if she made something that she's wearing. She always says, "Oh no! Does it look like I made it? Can you tell!?"

Keep crafting.

Shilah said...

I LOVE your skirt. I zoomed in on it and the buttons are just the best. I want to see your curtains too now that they're finished. I'm living vicariously through your sewing successes.

Funny story, Craig has gotten so into blogging he read your post before I did! And he was like, you definitely need to read this. I think you and I are soul mates. If someone said that to me about an AWESOME skirt I had just made I would just die and all my confidence would go WHOOOSH far far away. That probably has happened to me, minus the skirt part and for sure the awesome part, and I don't make pretty things as often as I should anymore. Moral of the story, don't be like me, make a thousand more things, and none of them have to be crafts. They'll be your MASTERPIECES!

We need to hang out again. I didn't talk to you nearly enough last time I saw you.

jt said...

Sorry i had to snicker at that coworkers comment because I would have been upset too. There is a difference between homemade and handmade. But I think it looks great!

Denise said...

I'd like to go give that coworker a piece of my Mother Crow mind! I, for one, think your skirt is very cute. So there.

Susan said...

Holy moly, could she have been related to some of LDS women that we know?! What the ?!

It looks way cute to me and I agree with Jessie in identifying handmade v.s. homemade!

With a few tiny tips from your expert seamstress mother, you will have no fears! And I've never heard of the word "sewist"!!

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