springing forward

I've always hated the switch from standard time to daylight savings time, if only because I lose an hour of sleep one night. And really, that's not the worst. Inconvenient, sure. But the same thing happens when I fly from Oregon to Colorado, and it doesn't bother me then.

So I can't explain why I've been disproportionately tired this week. I don't know if it's simply my body recovering from a busy few days, or if my fatigue really can be attributed to the time change. And it feels like each day the tiredness worsens. This morning I overslept by 20 minutes, fell asleep reading on the bus, had a difficult time rousing myself approaching my stop, and am currently willing my body and mind to stay alert in its semi-cloudy state.

Tonight I may or may not shoot for a 9:00 bedtime.


puffkix said...

I feel the same way about DST...
I much prefer the switch back.

jt said...

I have been having a ridiculously difficult time this go around too! Yesterday I went back to bed after I sent Bella off to school, and slept until 10:30! (Fiona happily stayed in her crib playing until then, the champ.) We have slowly been getting back to our routine, but I vow tonight is the night to resume normalcy.
JOIN ME AS WE VANQUISH THE EVILS OF FATIGUE THAT WOULD SEEK TO DESTROY OUR LIVELINESS! (Fist pounding, yelling, Dwight's speech-style. I'm rewatching all the seasons right now.)

michelle said...

I hear you! I have no idea why it takes such a toll, but it does. Here's to going to bed early! (I frequently say I will, but then can't seem to get myself there.)

p.s. I love the people looking in on your photo.

Susan said...

Yes, hooray for early bedtimes!

I said I was going to bed an hour and a half ago....but now I'm really serious.


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