12 of 12: april 2011

01. My MAC paint pot. Bare study, to be exact--an absolutely necessary tool.
02. Breakfast of champions--Carnation Instant Breakfast. I make both mine and Josh's.
03. TriMet MAX line
04. The single-cup serve coffee machine at work. It makes cocoa. Free cocoa. Are we both seeing the same problem here?
05. The conglomerate Cheez-It
06. See that?? Sun
07. Powell's during lunch
08. Sending Nike Fly Wades abroad
09. Bad luck at lights
10. Working out with new Nike Frees that I got for free--yeah, that's right.
11. Playing on the Wii with Josh
12. My vitamin D supplements--with so much gray, my body needs them!


Denise said...

I am really liking those shoes! My 30-Day Shred came in today's mail. Do you think it will work if I just hold it in my hand and look at it?

m.estelle said...

love your new shoes! you go girl!!

michelle said...

Free Nikes? Awesome! A work perk?

I think everyone needs vitamin D supplements, but especially those of you in Portlandia.

Miranda said...

Okay, spill it. How'd you get the Nike Frees for free?

I second the necessity of the Paint Pot. My color is Painterly.

Carnation Instant reminds me of my college roommate.

jt said...

Yeah, hello! What's with the free nikes? I need a new pair of running shoes and I've been looking at the new Nike Frees. Tell us! Me, anyway.

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