a very non-crafty Easter outfit

:: headband, CJW
:: earrings and necklace, Grandma (or CJP, if you prefer), also worn at my wedding
:: white cardigan, Gap, $15
:: green shirt, DownEast Basics, $10.99
:: polka-dot skirt, CJW
:: taupe shoes, Ann Taylor outlet, $42 on sale

No comments on any skirt craftiness said all day. Success.

All skirts and vanity aside, Easter was wonderful. It's probably my favorite thoughtful holiday. I'll reference last year's Easter post here. This time is a time of pure rejoicing--and we have so many reasons to rejoice. He lives, and He triumphs. What better reason to celebrate than that?


Miranda said...

You. Are. Adorable.

Denise said...

LOVE it, you darling seamstress, you!

emily said...

You look so great! No craft about it!

michelle said...

That skirt is darling! I am SO impressed with your newly-acquired sewing skills, and the speed with which you have acquired them.

I totally agree about Easter - a time of pure rejoicing. What could be better?

Claire said...

I love your skirt! Non-crafty indeed!

jt said...

I want to see more of the skirt!

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