the cutest investment

We got a modest return on our taxes this year, and with a small portion of that return I bought a KitchenAid. Seriously, guys, I haven't been this excited since Josh gave me my sewing machine last Christmas.

The first thing I did when it arrived on Thursday was to try my hand at bread baking (inspired especially by the Bread Brigade). Alas my first legitimate bread-baking effort was sabotaged by my forgetting an ingredient.

Saturday, though, I tried again, and was successful. And Sunday night I whipped up these delights for our young-married FHE group.

{Peanut butter, powdered sugar, butter, graham crackers all topped with melted chocolate--yes. Also, next time I'm going to substitute graham crackers with pretzels. Double yes.}

So clearly, I've already gotten a return on this investment. 

I've also felt an added meaning in my culinary domesticity lately since the first anniversary of my grandmother's death. She was an expert in the kitchen, especially in bread- and cake-making. Susan sent this sign to several of us in the family in remembrance of Grandma.

I think it a more-than-fitting tribute. I like to think that Grandma would be really excited about my pear green KitchenAid mixer. You can expect lots of baking to be happening at the Wilsons'.


Shilah said...

THEY WERE SO DELICIOUS!! I don't know if you noticed, but Craig was going crazy over them. Cute cute kitchenaid, I love the color.

michelle said...


jt said...

Yes, I love my KitchenAid as well, and my baking really took it up a notch when I got mine, in orange. Happy for you! (What ingredient did you forget? What bread did you make?)

Denise said...

I am dying over pear green. DYING.

And I am pining for the peanut butter bars. Obviously.

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