a hate song, or some well deserved complaining

Hate Song 04.08.2011

I hate people who try to burgle workplaces and end up ruining computers.
I hate taking 15 minutes to drive five blocks because of traffic and too short lights.
I hate the Apple store.
I hate cancelled GeniusBar appointments.
And I hate having to wait half an hour for another GenuisBar appointment.
I hate having to wait with my million-pound computer in tow.
I hate the Apple store refusing to hold on to my million-pound computer.
I hate not being able to shop while I wait because of aforementioned million-pound computer.
I hate talking to Apple store employees.
I hate exiting crowded parking garages.
I hate people who cross on red lights.
And I hate cars that stop at green ones.

Stretchy pants are so happening tonight.


Susan said...

Too funny. For some reason, I thought I was reading Emily's blog. When I got down to the photo, I was shocked at how much she looked like you!!

I guess it's been a long day. Make that a long week. Too long.

Hope tomorrow is better!

Denise said...

But at least I like it when you call me during your Hate-it time!

michelle said...

Everyone needs a hate song now and then.

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