six months

I read this article and thought that six words for six months of marriage would be fitting:

{I've never been so in love.}

Or this:

{Best six months of my life.}

Or this:

{Feels forever, in the best way.}

Or this:

{I can't find the right words.}

Or this:

{How about just one word: happy.}

Happy half year, love. You know I am so head-over-heels.


Denise said...

Love this. Love you. Love Josh. Happy half-anniversary!

m.estelle said...

SO cute. you guys are SO CUTE.

love you.

Claire said...

Wow! It's been six months already? I'm glad that it has been a happy half year for you!

michelle said...

How can it be six months already??

Being head over heels is such a wonderful place to be.

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