exercise reward

I've started working out again. I found a highly rated workout DVD that lets me exercise at home. That's my kind of exercise: convenient.

So because I worked out today, I treated myself to a Snickers Easter egg.


{On an unrelated note: I've been going back and forth about whether I should take down yesterday's post. See, I've always found Tyrone Wells's "Hate Song" a piece of musical comedy, so I thought I'd imitate. But then after posting my own hate song and reading it through a couple times, it sounded way more complain-y than I intended. Yesterday's Apple Store excursion was more exasperating than upsetting. I didn't communicate that the way I wanted. So, yeah. No more hate songs. They make me sound more whiny than I-am-slash-want-to-come-off. Thanks for reading, even when I complain.}


Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to have a complaining blog post every once in a while :P

Easter candy is the best!

Susan said...

Frustrations can sometimes lead to whining...oh well!

michelle said...

I. love. Easter candy. Somehow, candy that is holiday colored or in holiday shapes just tastes better to me.

I'm curious to know how you like the DVD.

Denise said...

I ordered the DVD for $5.99 on Half.com! Now I guess I'll have to actually do it. *sigh*

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