a fringe benefit

I've received lots of feedback and questions about my free Nike Frees I mentioned in my 12 of 12 post.

I don't think my feet have grown since the ninth grade. My feet are just small enough to not fit into my mom's and sister's shoes—and trust me, you wish you could wear their shoes too. While I normally wouldn't complain about size-7 feet, I sometimes feel excluded from shoe sharing.

We deal a lot with shoes at work. In fact, Nike is one of our key clients.* And Nike's sample size? Size 7. Last week I had a project manager come down to my desk with two brand-new pairs of Nike Free shoes just for me, the leftover shoes. Two pairs. One in hot pink and one in aqua. Sure they're running shoes (and my relationship with running is rocky), but they're cute enough to be real shoes. So I've been wearing them with outfits. {I have been using them to work out in too—I feel like I'd be disgracing the real athletes out there without using them for some form of exercise.}

Size-7 isn't feeling so discriminated against anymore.

I wonder what I'd need to do to sign Steve Madden as a client?

*We're a retail design firm. I know—that tells you next to nothing.


emily said...

And you don't even need to pay taxes on them! Some fringe benefits are taxable, but your free shoes qualify as a de minimus benefit since they are of such small value relative to your compensation. De minimus are nontaxable! (Just in case you were wondering if you needed to claim the shoes as compensation on you tax return.)

m.estelle said...


Denise said...

So glad to have a tax expert in the family. And a faux athlete.

Wayne said...

Hey Charlotte,

Wayne here (Diana, Peggy, Serin's brother...) I'm considering appyling to the dental school in Portland. In your opinion, how does Portland compare with Wheat Ridge? Things like weather, politics, commute, etc... You can email me at wayne.woellhaf@comcast.net if it's easier. Thanks!

michelle said...

Awesome. As is your mom's comment.

jt said...

Oh, Emily, I love you. You are such a dork. And Charlotte, I kind of hate you. I've been looking at Nike Frees for a minimalist shoe.
And yes, that tells me nothing.

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