So this morning, I forgot my phone at home. And even though I'm at a computer pretty much all day, without my phone, I feel, dare I say, isolated. I know. I felt ridiculous even typing that. How is it possible that I feel isolated without my phone when I have so many other media outlets? Regardless of how you could spin this, it's been kind of a lonely day.

I want to pick up the phone and steal away for a few minutes to talk to Josh, and I want to make the usual call to my mom on the way to the bus stop. But today my communication stops at the keyboard. I watch ABC news videos about women with too much plastic surgery all I want, but this lonely sensation will subside only when Josh picks me up from the bus stop and I go home to make a real dinner, which we'll eat to The Office or The X-Files (tonight, I'm rooting for The X-Files).

{Update: We spent our evening eating carrot/shallot pasta with a cookie pie for dessert while streaming Toy Story 3 on Netflix. Bliss.}


michelle said...

I always curse myself when I forget my phone.

I just made that cookie pie last week!

Claire said...

I know how you feel. When I lost my phone (twice) last year I always feel strangely isolated even though I don't really use my phone very much.

m.estelle said...

a) i feel isolated without my phone
b) carrot/shallot pasta?!
c) Toy Story 3 STREAMING?!

Susan said...

Oh yes! On those days, you just have to enjoy the silence! Sounds like you're not there yet.

But, the night sounded as if it redeemed the day.

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